Food & Glass Waste Collections

We offer a nationwide commercial recycling collection service for businesses predominantly situated in London and surrounding areas. Our recycling collections are ideal for businesses looking for a simple, efficient and cost effective way to improve recycling performance, control costs, and tick the legal boxes required too.

Glass Recycling

Our Glass Recycling and collection service is perfectly suited to businesses large or small. Removing glass from your general waste greatly improves your recycling rates and can save you money. By segregating glass bottles and jars from the other waste you produce, you may be able to reduce the amount of residual waste collections you require and as such reduce the cost to your business.

Food Waste Recycling

We also provide a service to collect CAT 3 food waste. Category 3 food waste is defined as low risk material that is fit, but not intended for human consumption. Such as:

  • Raw meat and fish from food retailers and manufacturers

  • Former foodstuffs other than catering waste, inc. manufacturing or packaging defects

  • Eggs and other by-products that do not show signs of transmissible disease

  • Raw milk

  • Fish and other sea animals

Food waste emits dangerous and harmful emissions, most specifically large quantities of methane, which is one of the CO2 equivalent gases that is increasingly destroying our atmosphere. In the attempt to reduce these gases we recycle all the food waste (along with all others) so it does not end up in Landfill.

Commercial Recycling Services

To find out more about our commercial recycling services and collections, contact us today on 0800 093 1186 or simply complete our online request form to arrange a free site visit.


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